Windows 11 features

Windows 11 was finally official, large, clear, Microsoft’s game. In the event, it was not enough, and Windows are 11 completely redesigned the interface, with a new appearance. Auto-HDR mode, for games and Android apps, and much, much more. There are a lot of very interesting things to be learned about Windows 11. But if you’re just looking for brand-new features, you can find them listed below.

Auto HDR Gaming

If you play the classic games, or games without HDR on PC, Windows 11, you can use the ” auto-update the lighting and the colour to match it with the HDMI specification. It is available on the Xbox consoles, and for a while, so it was inevitable for it to come to PC gaming. Microsoft promises to change the auto HDR. And more than 1,000 games, including Age of Empires Definitive Edition, and Rocket League, Day Z, and Doom 64.

Android Apps Come to the Microsoft Store

The biggest surprise of Windows 11 is the ability to see the launch of the Android app. Unfortunately, the app is not fully integrated into the Microsoft Store. But if you can find them on the Amazon Appstore. From there, you can launch it from the taskbar or from the Start menu. And even tie it to them, just like all the other applications which are made for Windows.

windows 11 features

Android apps can run on Windows, 11 with Intel’s new Bridge compiler, which will help applications to run on an x86-based system. What’s even better is the fact that this is Intel’s tool works perfectly with AMD. And Arm processors, so that all the COMPUTERS have to be able to run Android apps.

According to this note, the Microsoft store will also provide the stream of data from the companies and vendors, such as Disney+. Windows 11 can also add files to your 4K TV using the wi-fi connection.”

New Design

Of course, the most outstanding characteristic of a new Window on the 11th of the project is the main toolbar. Traditionally, Windows has always had a special button to start it, but now it is closer to the centre. To make it more accessible to users with large monitors, or ‘ ultra-wide displays.

Windows 11 features soft images, with more rounded corners, and animated transitions, as well as more advanced transparency effects. For example, the widget panel is located on the surface of the glass, and that’s coming from the right, and you can apply it to all of your open windows.


Microsoft promises that Windows 11 is all about speed, and soon after you wake up from your sleep, log in to Windows Hello. And welcome to browse with Edge, a web browser, and the new Windows update, the background will be 40% less.

For the games, and in particular, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Instant Storage. That allows you to upload games, direct access to the resources on the card. In theory, this should lead to a reduction in the amount of time available, and the instant display of the images.

Snap Layouts

Window snapping has been around for a long time now, but with the growing appeal of large and extra-large screens. It’s convenient to use the snap windows to the four corners, and it is not very useful. As well, the ability of systems to provide for a ton of other options as well, such as the locations of the three windows side by side. With a large picture window and two small windows on the side of it, and much, much more. When you are working on a multi-box installation of Windows 11 will also have to keep in mind which of your apps to be opened. And their position in the field of communication, which is also in the taskbar to open it.

Windows Widgets

The photos are, once again, the centre, of the Microsoft Windows 11 system, which Microsoft is calling a personalized A. I., on the basis of your news feed. In the widget, the package includes all the usual things you might expect to see, such as promotions and maps. However, Microsoft has paid a lot of attention to the news widget, that is designed to suit your interests. Whether it is in politics, esports, or the local news.

windows 11 features

All of the models rely on the scanner glass, go to the left side, and can be applied to any open window.

New Tablet Mode

Windows-11-improved user interface for users of Windows-based tablets. As soon as the machine will switch to tablet mode, or disconnect it from the keyboard, and the user interface. And subtle changes with an increasing distance between the icons and the large touch targets. Resize and move the windows and the touch is now easier than ever, thanks to the new animations, etc.) Windows 11 will also add a touch gesture. Such as a side-swipe, three-finger tap on a screen or swipe down with three fingers, to be reduced to a minimum.

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