What is Chrome OS?

Many have a question in their mind about chrome OS or what is chrome OS. I will clear all your doubts in this blog about chrome OS.

The Chrome OS or also known as Chromebook is a new operating system developed by Google. It runs all the application in a cloud environment and is backup up by Google. In the application Chrome Web Store, you can get thousands of popular applications you can install on your Chromebook. recently the chrome os started supporting Playstore.

In the world of technology, Google has become a household name. From Google docs and Google search to its Android OS, the internet behemoth has accomplished much over the span of a decade. But, in the same amount of time, it’s also mixed itself up in countless failed projects. It’s hard to believe that we should take anything they do seriously, such as the release of Google Chrome OS.

History of Chrome OS

Firstly, The Chrome OS was released in the year 2006. It is a Gentoo Linux-based OS. From 2011 it starts supporting android apps. And from 2014 the support of Playstore was available. It is intended to have a lightweight size and take less resource for running. The vision was in Sundar Pitchai to introduce Chrome to make us rely on Cloud.

Chrome OS Desktop
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Its Advantages

  • Light Weight OS: The Chrome OS are a lightweight OS and good for daily small tasks.
  • Affordable: Generally Chromebooks are cheap than any other OS laptops.
  • Google’s Ecosystem: The Chrome OS is a product of Google. So all the android users and the google centric users get is an environment for seamless connectivity and Syncs.
  • Linux Kernal(Beta): The Chrome Books now have the support of Linux to use. But the feature is still on Beta.
  • Android Apps Support: The chromeOS supports android apps and games and are very useful. The play store gave a wide range to choose android apps.
  • Fast and Secure: This has no fear of Virus attack or malware attack. These are protected by google. Also, it is one of the Fastest OS.
  • Simple UI: The Chromebooks has one of the best UI in the laptop markets.
  • Low power consumption: The Chromebooks has a battery back of 12 hrs to 24hrs. These are all possible due to low power consumption in the OS.

Android Apps in Chrome OS.

Firstly, chrome os started supporting android in 2011. And the play store came in 2014. The support of android apps makes chrome is very much useful and productive. It makes an alternative or good option for cheap tablet Buyers. Not all Apps are supported but all new apps are available. Aso small games run very well here. But the support of Google Stadia and Nvidea GforceNow opens to the cloud Gamming.

Chrome OS is moving steadily towards a mobile-friendly ecosystem, and Google is doing a great job at achieving this. But, what about an Android experience on Chrome OS?

Based on the latest from Google’s I/O developer event, you might soon be able to use Android apps on Chromebooks. This was announced with the launch of an early version of ”’Android Runtime for Chrome”’.

Chrome OS playstore
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Linux on ChromeOS

The chrome os enables you to install chrome Linux apps of your windows and Mac chrome Linux is a Linux operating system that requires an internet connection to function but provides you with all the necessary tools that would be available in a normal or desktop Linux OS. Thousands of people use chrome os nowadays with just a browser but it takes more than just a browser to make your work easier, you need to have Chrome applications with extensions and some specific Chrome applications that will help you get the best out of this platform.


The Chromebook is a lightweight and portable laptop that runs on the Chrome OS operating system. It is great for everyday use thanks to its long-lasting battery and anti-virus features, which protect your computer from malicious software and websites. It is also very affordable. You can shop for one at most electronic stores, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Amazon. You can even find these laptops online at sites like NewEgg.com or Dell.com, where you have the option to buy directly from the manufacturer. Since it does not require any setup or installation to start using it, you will be browsing the web using Google’s Chrome browser in no time. Once you connect to a Wi-Fi network, you are ready to go!

What is chrome OS
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With the wide use of Google services, especially in education, there are many options available for this new platform. Special Chrome Books are provided in schools to the Students.


We now live in an age where mobile devices rule, and portable productivity is becoming increasingly important to our everyday lives. For many of us, desktop computers are a thing of the past. But what if you could be productive without a bulky laptop? How would you like to have a computer whose data storage resides in the cloud, rather than on a device that weighs a ton? Imagine not having an operating system bogging down your startup time; instead, being able to boot up instantly from any computer, anywhere. These concepts constitute Google’s vision for the future of computing. “To get Chrome OS right, we had to start over.” What Google figure out was so much more innovative than an operating system—the next step in life.

Chromebooks are low-cost laptops that feature the chrome operating system. The chrome operating system is a free to use a web-based operating system from Google which allows you to work online as well as offline. This is because everything you need is stored on the cloud and can be accessed anywhere in the world for free.

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