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When comparing C ++ vs Swift, the Programmer Society recommends C ++ for more people. To the question “What is the best learning language you can learn first?” C ++ is ranked 21st while Swift is ranked 30th.


In the 6th place of the most popular language, you see Swift, which sounds a real bell if you are an iOS app developer. Its development began in July 2010 (a new language of the process) by Chris Lattner, with the last reunion of many other Apple programs.

Chris Lattner is currently working on one of the leading AI, the world’s deepest research teams in Google Brain. This tells us that the Swift language is probably an important occupation. Some iOS apps written with Swift can be seen in the image below.


C ++ is widely used in standard programming languages. Language allows you to combine low and low language features. Thus, it appears to be a medium-term language. It has also been used to develop complex systems where the required encoding of computer hardware is required.

Main difference

C ++ is very strong at the endpoints. However, IMHO C ++ is an awesome language. If not for the huge amount of code, libraries and information available there, no sane person would choose C ++ for their project.

Swift is better with IMHO than C ++ in almost all areas if languages were compared to a machine. It offers the same functionality. It has a stronger and better system. Well explained. C ++ has many areas with unexplained behaviours that lead to bugs and problems. Swift is very fast learning as a language.

I have been doing and shutting down the C ++ program for over 20 years, and without all that encountering many problems I have never found a good solution in C ++. I still struggle with the problem of solving problems in C ++. Language just gets in the way too often. Unlike a little training at Swift, I can quickly solve problems that I have struggled with for a long time in C ++.

Not to mention that the Swift compiler catches many serious bugs, which are completely undetectable by the C ++ compiler. I last used C ++ e.g. you can’t see that you are calling a visual function indirectly from a builder.

Keep in mind that better technology does not work. PC construction has never been so good. However, it has hit the best buildings. Price, availability and momentum are very important. The construction of the x86 CPU was not so good, but it defeated the competition because intel was able to pour a lot of resources into upgrading it. C ++ is in the same state. Most people have invested in C ++, so without its strong foundations moving forward because more resources are being invested to improve it.

Advantage Of C++

  • Depression. C ++ provides a portable or autonomous platform feature that allows the user to use the same system on different operating systems or intercoms freely.
  • Focused on the object.
  • Multi-paradigms.
  • Poor management.
  • Memory Management.
  • Great Community Support.
  • Compliance with C.
  • The difference.

Advantage Of Swift

  • Swift is fast. Quick Swift Language Signal.
  • Swift is very safe. Language Swift Programming and Lock Sign.
  • Swift is easy to read.
  • Swift has a small code.
  • So, Swift has no minor flaws.
  • Swift meets memory management.
  • Swift is an open language.
  • Also. Swift has an interaction code.


In conclusion, Many modern 3rd generation languages have many similarities, it takes to take advantage of a little difference to be able to create code between them. Once you have moved on to language issues, you can spend your time on the platform API which is what allows you the most to do your job.

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