Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Hi everyone! Samsung’s A-series lineup has always been about the mid-Ranger. This generation is no different. The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is one of the cheapest 5G phones you can buy. This sleek device is about performance and connectivity at the expense of some other aspects of the mobile experience.

If you are interested in a 5G phone that does not break the bank, will it be available?

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The A42 has an unusual design. While it has average dimensions for the 2020 smartphone, it has four different shaded bars on the back, with a distinctive prism dot look. There are three shades for you to choose from: white, gray and black. At 193 grams, it is heavier and larger than the Galaxy A41, partly due to battery capacity.

The plastic panels on the back are curved into a shiny frame at the edges, which makes it more bitter than we’d like it to be, and it’s fingerprint magnetic if anyone sees it. However, in general, it is comfortable in the hand, and you can always hold a case in a better grip. On those pages you can find clickable keys and a generous 128 GB expandable card slot that you get as primary storage. Rotate the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G and you’ll see a 6.6-inch SuperAmolate screen above.

These days bezels are thicker than many phones. However, it is an affordable phone so it is not really a problem. Below the display is a fingerprint reader that is fast and accurate. You can always use facial recognition if it is more important to you. Screen resolution which some people find frustrating. At 720p, this is a significant drop from previous A40 series phones. Samsung Galaxy A42 does not support 5G HDR10,
Wideone has L1 DRM support, allowing you to stream full HD video despite the low screen resolution. On the bright side, the display gets 570 nits of maximum brightness, so it is sufficient for good sunlight reading. We also found that the screen has excellent colour reproduction.


This smartphone is a mid ranger, so it is no surprise to get a headphone jack and a speaker at the bottom. The phone also supports FM radio, which is a bit strange. The speaker is less than average power, but in terms of audio quality, it delivers richer sound with a consistent mid and high tone compared to the A41.


One of the most impressive parts of this phone is the battery capacity. It has a 5000mAh battery compared to the 3500mAh seen on the A41. The tremendous battery capacity, low resolution display and running chipset gave us an amazing endurance of 144 hours in our battery life tests. The charging speed is not very impressive, but not surprising given the battery power. The 15W charger included with the phone can recharge 27% battery in 30 minutes and 78% in 90 minutes. Full charge requires two hours.


The phone uses Snapdragon 750G5G chipset with 4, 6 or 8GB of RAM. It is one of Qualcomm’s latest chipsets. This is the second time I have seen this chipset on a smartphone and it proves that it is capable of gaming or everyday activities. With a chipset, 720p display that doesn’t require a lot of power, the Galaxy A42’s gaming performance is roof-to-ceiling for a mid-ranger. Galaxy A42 5G Sports Android 10 with UI 2.5.

Unfortunately, the phone does not always support running footage, otherwise the software package will be the same as other Samsung phones. There are side panels that you can access with a single page swipe, gesture navigation, and dark mode. Interestingly, the phone does not come with Samsung’s browser, but only uses Chrome.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G
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For the camera, the phone also has a Galaxy A41 and a deep sensor-like system. What you get is a basic 48MP staple snapper, 8MP ultra-white, 5MP macro cam and a new 5MP depth sensor. The main camera emits 12MP images, and during the day we see greater resolution, greater contrast, less noise and a greater dynamic range. We noticed a slight smoothing on the edges, but it was not out of the overall feel. If you dig up the menu and choose to shoot with a full 48MP resolution right now, you’ll get great photos with more detail, better contrast and more accurate colors.


So, if you look in detail, it is worth switching to this model for a photo or two. The 8MP ultra wide camera is also popular. Adequate detail and contrast of photos, low noise and automatic distortion correction do an excellent job. The colors we like and the impressive range are not pleasant. Photos are great, thanks to the new depth sensor. We saw great detail, great differentiation and efficient material separation. Artificial dimming was also good. Five megapixel macro image is good, but we look better The colours were duller than we’d like and the dynamic range wasn’t impressive, but those are the only complaints we could come up with for the class.

Overall Camera

It takes four or five attempts to take a sharp picture. You can get small details like the best text on bills. But the quality is not so good, worse than we would like. In low light, the main camera produces stunningly beautiful photos. He has enough detail and good contrast and colours to maintain his concentration. Auto HDR is enabled, and it shoots most of the shots, but some highlights are thrown. There is a night mode, but it only takes two to three seconds for the main camera to run. The photos were slightly grafted and output shots at 8MP instead of 12MP.

It did an excellent job of restoring highlights, revealing more detail in shadows, erasing noise and increasing contrast. Therefore you must take advantage of it. Ultra-light is less impressive than the main camera in low light, but it can provide some pictures if there is enough light. The phone can shoot up to 4K at 30fps with primary and ultraviolet cameras. The 4K display from the main camera has accurate color, great detail, lots of variations and great variations. 4K clips are better than Ultravide, although they are excellent. Due to some noise reduction the resolution is lower as we want and the colors are somewhat saturated.


Overall, it has good variation and good dynamic range. The EIS is available for both cameras, but you can only use it when shooting full HD video. On the front, there is a 20MP snapper, but it only displays at 12MP. The photos are not as detailed as we would like, but the contrast, color and dynamic ranges are great when there is sufficient illumination. In a state of darkness, a wide decline of details.

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is a scratch. There is a lot of competition and there are many phones with better screens or more consistent overall packages. If you watch a lot of video content, this may not be the phone for you. But if you are after 5G connectivity, better performance and better battery life (not in the same order) then this is definitely one of the Samsung smartphones that you should check out.

Thanks for reading everyone, stay safe, and I’ll see you next time.

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