Researchers Use Eye Tracking to Discover How Mobile Apps

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Let’s talk about Researchers Use Eye Tracking to Discover How Mobile Apps. The first empirical study on how people are paying visual attention to mobile app designs, showing the bigger and brighter the parts don’t catch with our eyes, after all.

In previous work, what attracts visual attention, and visual saliency has centred on the desktop and in the web interface.

Apps display

Apps are displayed in a different way. On a mobile device than on a desktop computer or browser, they’re on a smaller screen. Which is simply to fit the fewer elements, and, in place of an overall view. Mobile devices typically make use of a single vertical page layout. Up until now, it was unclear as to how these factors might affect the way the apps actually attract the eyes. ” says Aalto University Professor Antti Oulasvirta.

In this study, the researchers used a large set of representative’s mobile interface. And eye-tracking to see how you look at the screenshots of the mobile apps for both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Researchers Use Eye Tracking to Discover How Mobile Apps


According to previous thinking, in our eyes. Should just switch to higher or lighter elements, but also to stay there any longer. In the past studies, it has also come to the conclusion that. If we look at some of the different types of pictures, our attention is drawn to the centre of the monitors, and also spread horizontally across the screen, rather than in a vertical direction. The researchers found these policies have little impact on the mobile-friendly interface.

“It actually came as a surprise, then, that the bright colours don’t affect the way people fixate on the app details. One possible reason for this is that the cellular interface. In itself, is full of glossy and colourful elements so that the screen might catch your attention — that’s just the way it is designed. It seems like when everything’s made to be able to stand it. Nothing pops up at the end, ” says the lead author and a Post-doctoral Researcher, Luis Leiva.

Eye fixations are shown as red-coloured circles in different parts of the mobile user interface. The radius of each circle is growing in proportion to the recording time.

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