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The Kotlin language is an implementation of the popular programming language usually called Java. Firstly, Its popularity comes from the official support of Java’s creators, Oracle. As well as its versatility on a classic JVM-based platform. It is also known for being easy to read and write once you get used to its syntax (which can be confusing at first sight). The team behind Kotlin was thinking about the web from the get-go. Which explains why an online compiler exists on their website.

Kotlin Programming Language

Kotlin is a new JVM language that features such as null-safety and data classes. It has been created by JetBrains, the developers of well-known IDEs IntelliJ IDEA and YouTrack. Last year it became a full-fledged OSS project under Apache 2 license. A few months later. Google announced that Kotlin will be officially supported for Android app development starting from Android Studio 3.0.

Kotlin ( is a statically typed programming language. That runs on the Java Virtual Machine and also can be compiled into JavaScript source code. Or uses the LLVM compiler infrastructure. It is also open-source software under the Apache 2.0 license.

Online Compilers

Kotlin Online Compiler is a free online compiler and decompiler for Kotlin. It can be used to compile and run programs written in the Kotlin programming language. As well as decompile Java class files back to the source code. Online Compiler is not affiliated with Sun Microsystems, its subsidiaries, or related companies. Online Compiler is not endorsed by Sun Microsystems, its subsidiaries, or related companies.

Kotlin is an open-source tool, and it can be used on Android only. Thus, one should have proper knowledge of Android technology to use Kotlin. The official website tells us that, it has been developed by JetBrains as an alternative to Java. As we all know Java is the most popular programming language. But the fact is that Android demands a better programming language than Java. In this article, we will learn more about what Kotlin actually is and how to install it in our system.

Kotlin is a programming language that runs out of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). And can also be compiled into JavaScript source code. The current version is 1.1, which was released in February 2018. Kotlin has been designed to interoperate well with all major JVM frameworks (Spring, Android, Play Framework).

Kotlin allows for small coding

A little code is important but there are readings that should also be considered and developed in a desirable way. With Kotlin, he welcomes both. JetBrains did their best to make the language as short as possible, and they did it.
A little code, if done right, results in a few bugs. When you let the framework take care of certain common code-making features, you can focus on the most important things. Kotlin is all about high readability, simplicity, and simplification of the app development process.

Solves engineer challenges

Kotlin came from the industry, not from academics. JetBrains need a simpler tool than Java to work with its main product, called IntelliJ IDEA, which is completely labelled.
They explored alternatives, remained dissatisfied, and decided to establish their own language. The aim was to find an effective tool that could be used with Java and to work wherever Java could.
Therefore, Kotlin solves the challenges facing program planners. For example, the program type helps you avoid a pointer variant. The languages of research subjects are often completely blank, but this does not help software developers working with large codebases and active APIs.

Accepting Kotlin is easy

If you want to simplify product storage or postpone Android app development, you can assign two or three engineers to submit a project to Kotlin from a small portion of the codebase.

Kotlin is fully compatible with Java

Another advantage is that the Kotlin system language is fully compatible with Java. Kotlin developers have access to all Java frameworks and libraries while writing very clear and concise code.
Therefore, Android engineers can use both languages when building a mobile product and moving their applications from Java to Kotlin.
Even if you have a large Java-based project with millions of lines of code, you can easily convert it into one Kotlin file at a time and you will see it all successfully compiled. Here at BLAKIT, we write our code at Kotlin and use Java only to store old projects.

It does not set overtime

The standard library is small and sturdy: it contains a lot of extensions that focus on the standard Java library. The heavy use of composite time integration means active construction such as map piping/filter / minimizing integration alike with a critical version of the same code.

Kotlin has a strong community

JetBrains continue to develop language. Committed to the project, it has a large and highly skilled team working on it, has a stable business environment and transforms parts of their unique product to use it.

Kotlin suits for multi-platform development

Android upgrades are not the only thing you can use for Kotlin. The language provides JavaScript support and collaboration, allowing developers to submit their presets to Kotlin or create their own from the very beginning of the project.
In addition, the developers have added Gradle support so you can write Gradle files to Kotlin. They are actively promoting Kotlin / Aborigines, which allows them to build iOS apps. This way, you can also write native apps in this language, too.

The development of Kotlin offers additional security

The developers of Kotlin incorporate semantics principles that prevent various common errors that occur during system development. Another reason for Kotlin’s high level of security (compared to Java) lies in its benefits.


Firstly, The Kotlin programming language was officially announced on the 17th of February 2011. It was developed by JetBrains, and aimed at providing a modern alternative to Java for Android app development. Today, Kotlin is still used in Android app development. But it has also gained adoption outside its original area of application. It is now widely used in web application development e.g. Spring Boot 2, Grails 3, support for React JS etc. In this post. We will look into the key features of Kotlin and why you might want to consider using it for your next project.


Firstly, the Kotlin programming language is an interesting and attractive one for many Android developers. First, Kotlin is a new modern language. With a very powerful set of features that can fully cover all the needs of your application development. Second, it has a huge and powerful co-working community. JetBrains, the company that develops Kotlin, does tremendous work to promote the language and provides you with many opportunities to use it.

In conclusion of Kotlin Online Compiler.