Cracking the coding interview pdf

The book cracking the coding interview pdf, which is based on the author’s experience of interviewing at Google, Microsoft, and other tech companies, provides a step-by-step guide to acing the coding interview.

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cracking the coding interview pdf

The book starts by explaining what a coding interview is and why it is important. It then goes on to cover topics such as data structures and algorithms, problem-solving, and writing code. It also offers tips for preparing for the interview from resume building to practising with mock interviews.

The book also contains an appendix that lists resources for learning more about coding interviews including books, tutorials, online courses and more.

Book specification of cracking the coding interview pdf

The book is a collection of programming problems and solutions. The book contains different types of problems, including sorting, searching, recursion, data structures, dynamic programming, and more.

The author has also included some advice on what to do before the interview.

Cracking the coding interview pdf is a book that helps students prepare for the process of interviewing for a coding job. This book provides everything you need to know about preparing for and acing your interview.

This book is not just helpful for Java and C++ programmers, but also for Python and Ruby programmers. It includes topics such as data structures, algorithms, and more.


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