Cloudflare competitors Comparision and details.

So, In this article, we will be comparing the Cloudflare competitors. And we will also see which is the best platform for your website. So, let us checkout.

What is Cloudflare?

First of all, Cloudflare is a global network operator with built-in security measures. Provides a variety of Internet-based services related to Web Security and Network Content Delivery.

Cloudflare acts as a mediator and stores responses on a nearby server. Provides content from the end of the latest application and therefore reduces download time.

A large number of webmasters use Cloudflare to improve the performance of their websites.

What service does Cloudflare offer?

First, it offers many features and tools. Some of them are free and only available in a premium version. The services are:

  • CDN: (content delivery network) means that there are many servers available around the world to provide slower and faster speeds.
  • Cloudflare Streaming: This is a service that helps broadcast content for example video streaming.
  • Load Rate: This means a proper distribution of data on servers.
  • Cached: Provides an appropriate temporary backup system to load the website immediately.
  • DDoS protection: It is network protection and filters the right vendors.
  • SSL: (Secure Sockets Layer) Website security layer and you can see this in the lock icon in the address bar.
  • Web Application Firewall: It is a firewall for web applications such as applications or flutter applications.
  • DNS: (domain name system) This is the directory for all domains connected to reputable IPs.

Cloudflare competitors

Akamai CDN

Akamai CDN is one of the most reliable CDN providers serving approximately 15-30 per cent of all web marketers. This provides strong protection from threats and attacks by the web.

It has a special Kona Site Defender that protects against DDoS attacks. It works very well against most bot traffics. Preferred by those who host websites for common purposes also used by other eCommerce sites.

Also, It offers a free 1-month trial and offers a premium service for that price of $ 400- $ 3000.

Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud Platform is another premium CDN provider that provides similar services to AWS. While its price is lower than AWS. Also, it works on over 2,861,172 websites on the web.

And this is very popular because of its clean and well-known interface. Since we all use google services we are familiar with the interface.

It is also one of the top secure connections provided. Also, provide good traffic management and bots management. Traffic filtering is good.

It is used by almost all types of users. Offers 3 months free trial. After that comes the Google Cloud subscription.

CloudFront CDN

AWS is a large platform with many tools and web resources. One of them is the Amazon CloudFront service, which is a very different approach to Cloudflare for CDN Service.

Amazon is the most powerful among all and the most expensive, and if you are looking for a complete Amazon Cloudfront solution. They can deliver the content of any kind or form. It speeds up the delivery of consistent positioning and dynamic content.

The tool is highly customizable but requires a professional person or you can get AWS Managed Service.

Cloudfront has the feature of automatically providing additional hardware for a sudden increase in traffic so that the site can continue to operate without a break. The feature is useful during DDoS attacks.

Also, it offers a free 1-year service and then starts charging $ 0.085 per GB Bandwidth.

Microsoft Azure CDN

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a CDN service provided by the Azure Cloud Platform that enables data storage and access to various content servers and locations – used by online or cloud services.

Azure CDN helps provide better bandwidth and data delivery faster by placing the delivery of content or storage servers closer to users (multiple locations).

This is good for high processing websites. Like cloud gaming services and cloud computing services. It operates on approximately 29,053 websites. It offers about 1 year of free trial and the premium starts from $ 0.023 per GB to $ 0.158 per GB.


In conclusion, I would say that choosing the perfect CDN depends on the search of your website. Therefore, this comparison should help in selecting the right CDN service.

I hope you liked this article, about Cloudflare’s competitors. So, if you liked this Cloudflare competitors article please share it with your friends and social media account. Also, don’t forget to put down any recommendations in the Cloudflare competition.

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