C++ vs JavaScript

We will be discussing c++ vs javascript in this blog.

C ++

C ++ or CPP is a mathematical programming language intended for general purposes. In 1980, C ++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) research centres as a C-language extension. This seed has flourished since then and has become one of the most widely used and widely used languages ​​in the world. C ++ is built for almost everything except the web. Mainly used for game development and embedded programs. C ++ has been used successfully by Evernote, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Opera, NASA, Facebook, etc.


  • C ++ also has features such as polymorphism, data encapsulation etc.
  • We can also use C programs in C ++. It hurts
  • Simple language while easy to learn.
  • It has unions and structures
  • Allows the user to control memory
  • One of the largest communities
  • Scalability


  • Memory control makes the code prone to errors.
  • Memory leakage
  • No garbage collection collector
  • There is no built-in feature feature feature
  • On the web, it is difficult to correct an error


JavaScript or JS is a standard programming language. So, JavaScript is web-based, and was first created for “live web pages”. It was released in 1995 by Netscape. -JavaScript. it is so widely used that most web browsers have built-in search engines to handle it. Companies that use JavaScript are Microsoft, Paypal, Netflix, Groupon, Uber, Facebook, Google, etc.


  • Very fast as it works in a web browser
  • JIT integration (just-in-time) allows you to apply the code directly
  • Easy to read
  • A large public domain
  • Inter-operable
  • Variable
  • Many libraries


  • Problems with client-side protection
  • The code is visible to everyone
  • A small error can slow down an entire website
  • Debugging is not easy
JavaScript vs C++: Differences and Similarities | Career Karma

C ++ vs JavaScript: Speed ​​and reliability

JavaScript is a language higher than C ++, which is considered intermediate. This means that JavaScript is closer to human language than C ++, which is closer to zero. This means that JavaScript can do more with one line than C ++, and JavaScript code is generally shorter than C ++

C ++ has something JavaScript input: setup.

When coding in C ++ coding is mediocre, which means the narrow road is paved. If you want to do something for anything other than Windows, you will have a lot of work on your hands.

Although there are already many C ++ codes available, there is not always a promise that you will get the combination you want and that you will not need to write something custom from the ground up to fit your request. JavaScript has a lot on it, almost everything has a browser, and all modern browsers use JavaScript.

C ++ is also mathematically written. This means you must declare all variables when typing. JavaScript, on the other hand, is typewritten, meaning that the variables can be changed over time. You should not worry too much about something being a whole unit of characters or a whole number in JavaScript, so you can type it faster than you can in C ++.

So, It has to be said that C ++ is a compound language (and, strangely enough, a compound language). This means that after typing your code you will need to compile it before it can launch. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to an hour, depending on the length and complexity of your code. And you should do this every time you make a change to solve a problem or check for bugs.


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