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Air Wars 3 is a combat game that allows you to exercise your strategic intelligence. As a military leader, you have to build a team of the army to defend your target base from the enemy forces which are faster and stronger than yours. With many different planes for your choice, you’re free to combine the features to make your own killer combination. With such impressive gameplay, it’s easy for players to get drawn in, fascinating themselves for hours in this battle game. Join this fierce fight now!

So, I’ve been playing Air Wars 3 for years and haven’t gotten bored with it yet. It’s by far the best game I’ve played in many years. Your opinion may vary on that, but I still think it’s worth mentioning something about this awesome game. And if you continue reading this entire review, you might learn more about the Air Wars 3 game so here we go.

Cloud Gamming

A free cloud gaming Option to play Cloud games in Browsers. Cloud gaming is a hot topic for gamers and tech enthusiasts these days. Cloud gaming promises to revolutionize the industry, but what exactly are the benefits? How does it differ from regular gaming? Should I be interested in cloud gaming? Here’s a quick look into what cloud gaming is all about.

Cloud gaming is the newest form of gaming that is developing fast. So, The game takes place on a remote server. Much like on steam or origin where you can play with just a browser. Many traditional publishers are now introducing cloud gaming to their collection of games to improve easy access in comparison to hard disk storage. Cloud gaming has been in existence for a long time, but only recently has it become available to the end-user market. It is predicted that by 2021, the total revenue generated from this market will reach an astonishing $6.7 billion dollars. Some of the major companies in this field include Sony and Microsoft with their respective consoles Playstation Now and Xbox Game Pass.


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